The Importance of Blockchain Technology

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What if a new technology that was invented could allow parties to manage a real estate deal? The parties wouldthen settle and go over the facts regarding timing, special conditions and funding. How will these parties know if they are able to trust one another? They would need to verify their contract with the third parties – banking institutions, governments and legal teams to sign up and so forth. This brings them back again to square one in conditions of using the technology to save lots of costs.

In this next stage, the 3rd parties are actually invited to join the real estate deal and offer their input as the transaction gets created in real time. This reduces the part of the middleman considerably. If the deal is definitely this transparent, the middleman could even be eliminated in some instances. The lawyers is there to avoid miscommunication and lawsuits. When the conditions are disclosed upfront, these dangers are significantly reduced. And if the funding plans are secured upfront, it’ll be known beforehand that the offer will be paid for and these parties will honor their obligations. This brings us to the finalphase of the case. If the conditions of the offer and the plans have been finished, how will this deal become paid for? The main unit of measure will be a currency released by a central lender, which means coping with the banks once more. Should this happen, the banking institutions wouldn’t normally allow these trades to be finished without some kind of credited diligence on the end which would imply delays and costs. Could the technology be that useful in being efficientup to now? It isn’t likely.

What is the perfect solution is? Create an electronic currency that’s not only as transparent as the trade itself, but is actually part of the conditions of the offer. If this currency can be interchangeable with currencies released by central banking institutions, the only necessity remaining is certainly to convert this digital currency right into a well-known currency just like the Canadian dollar or the U.S. dollar which could be done anytime.

The technology to which I’m pointing towards in the example is actually the Blockchain technology that governs the cryptocurrency industry. Trade may be the backbone of the overall economy. A key reason money exists is normally for the objective of trade. As trade constitutes a big percentage of activity, creation and taxes for numerous regions, any cost savings in this area which can be applied around the world will be very significant. For example, the thought of the notion of free trade. Before free trades, countries would import and export with various other countries, however they had a taxing system which imposed taxes to restrict the effectthe foreign products had on the said country. After free of charge trade, these taxes had been eliminated and much more products were produced. Actually a little change in trade guidelines had a large influence on the world’s commerce. The term trade can be divided into more particular areas like shipping, property, import/export and infrastructure in fact it is more obvious how profitable the Blockchain is usually if it could save even a little percentage of expenses in these sectors.


‘Enterprises Of Blockchain Developers Is In A Trough Of Disillusionment,’ Says Tim Swanson.

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Tim Swanson is one of the very few people who has been in the industry of blockchain development for a very long period of time. The factor which surprises us is that he has managed to stick to his perspective on this form of technology and he still shares a sceptical and pessimistic view on the development of blockchains in the future. Tim has been in this game for too long and from observations, we can clearly say that he has a tendency for going out on a limb and out of his comfort zone to carry out thorough research within the blockchain region. This has been made quite clear from the various books and blogs that he has written over time.

He is currently working as the director of research at the Post Oaks Lab. However, he had carried out one of his most recognised work when he was working as the director of market research at R3. R3 was the first enterprise to host blockchain consortium to provide assistance in the industry for financial services. During his time at R3, Tim has been reported to be working and analysing on the performances of numerous entities which include varieties of companies, start-up businesses and universities who had been carrying out various methods to initiate the beginning of a kind of blockchain.  From his analysis and reports, we were acknowledged on the various types of business operations and blockchains which were present in the early days of the businesses. These include operations and blockchains in which good, bad and ugly were present altogether at the simultaneously.

From further explorations, we can say that Tim’s strict point of view can help the market to find a new solution for the problem which we have observed from the recent price changes of Bitcoin in the exchange market for virtual currencies. It is always vital to keep in mind how this blockchain technology came into existence, especially, in such a time where millions of individuals are rushing into this market of cryptocurrency and how most people are talking about blockchain technology as this trend keeps on continuing further.

Tim has been reported to have stated that it is not a smart move to begin to blindly trust and follow a new technology which is still in its early stages.  Also, he has talked about how similar trends had appeared in the history of technology where most of these turned out to be potentially useless and were only a part of a trend set by certain individuals.